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Sunrise Productions was founded back in 1992 by myself and my partner and Father In-Law Scotty O’Donnell. We started with one small Sunday Show that ran 2 times a month and built the company up to running over 6 different locations, 3 malls, and a couple special events totaling around 210 plus shows a years. We ran local smaller 40 to 50 vender table shows on Sundays, Friday nights, and Tuesday nights, New York City Saturday (100 tables), New York City Horror Sci-Fi Convention (100 tables) Saturday, 2-Day Weekend Mall Shows 30 to 60 tables, and a few in-between. And note the only show that we ever charged an admission was the Horror Show which was $6.00 and at the time the lowest shows were anywhere from $15.00 to $30.00. 

Well our last show was 1999 due to charging environment of Comics, Collectibles, and the Sports Card industry.

Well It’s 2018 and it’s time to start up again the fans have spoken and our first task will be The New York Horror-Fi 2 , a Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy Show in New York City which I would also like to dedicate this convention to my former partner, friend, and Father In-Law Scotty (Hugh) O’Donnell Who Passed away in 2016.  

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